PLODS: End of Season

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PLODS: End of Season

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Hi everyone,

I'd firstly like to announce that the regular PLODS season is over and done with for another year, it's been another enjoyable experience running ,and also taking part in, it and thank you to everyone else for taking part also!

updiamonds is crowned the PLODS 'Lowe Liga' Champion with a staggering final points haul of 106, a mighty fine achievement! Brownie is the PLODS Cup Champion after defeating myself in the Final, a big well done to him as well :clapping:

I'd also like to say that I've decided to step down as the PLODS moderator for next season... Though I have enjoyed the season as much as any other, I feel that I've been quite late in many updated league tables, results and fixtures for much of the season and you all deserve better than that. With me doing a Masters degree next year my spare time will again be limited, and I wish you all to have ssomeone who can be relied upon a little more. If anyone fancies taking on PLODS for next season then leave a comment below or drop me a PM.

I will shortly be posting the fixtures for the end-of-season PLODS play-off games so keep your eyes peeled... Have a briliant summer everyone!
'...Wardley again.... Now Butterworth trying to provide some inspiration; What will the response be from Rushden??? IT'S A GOAL FROM ONANDI LOWE!!!!.... Third Division POSF 2nd leg; Rochdale 1 Rushden & Diamonds 2 Tuesday 30th April 2002
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