PLODS Cup 2015-2016

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PLODS Cup 2015-2016

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First Round
bigmort 1-2 rudolph_hucker
Three Nips 2-4 olio
updiamonds 2-2 Brownie (Brownie advances due to goals scored)
corby diamond 0-0 kiwikid

1. Both corby diamond and kiwkid forgot to predict so updiamonds advanced to the next round
2. icm received a bye to advance to the next round

olio 6 rudolph_hucker 4 icm 5
updiamonds 8-8 Brownie (Brownie advances due to goals scored)

olio 1-3 Brownie
'...Wardley again.... Now Butterworth trying to provide some inspiration; What will the response be from Rushden??? IT'S A GOAL FROM ONANDI LOWE!!!!.... Third Division POSF 2nd leg; Rochdale 1 Rushden & Diamonds 2 Tuesday 30th April 2002
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