The Future of Football

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Duane Darby
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The Future of Football

Post by Biggles »

It looks like this Virus will be with us well into the future and the chance that no vaccine may ever be found so where does that leave the Future of Football.

Be honest, if no vaccine is found and we have to live daily with Covid 19 would you go to a football match again ?

Do you think they should just allow football to go ahead with restrictions on crowd size maybe up to 500 ?

Do you think face masks would be compulsory before being allowed into the Ground, how much atmosphere would be lost
due face mask use muffling the crowd noise.

Would you watch a match on streaming TV, with no crowds, no atmosphere would it really be the same, would you pay for it ?

Anybody else have any thoughts ?

Now Adrian said on another thread that he did not think football in Non League would be back until 2022, do you think lower League football
would still be able to sustain itself for that long without match day income , how many clubs would be left ?
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Lord Max
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Re: The Future of Football

Post by Formic »

It's certainly very difficult to predict what might happen.

One of the parallels to such upheaval to all walks of life has to be the war years (obviously with a major difference in scale). I do wonder if we'll have to have a period a bit like the conflict period, where a different arrangement is needed while the search for a vaccine continues, similar to the Wartime League. I can't see how players / staff can be engaged under contract when there is no guarantee of normal club revenues on the horizon.

Perhaps clubs need to be mothballed, with a complete return to an amateur game at levels below the Championship until there is the prospect of the game returning at the same levels as before, and based around the sort of freedoms we are used to.

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Re: The Future of Football

Post by SouthRushdenJFC »

I don't see any non league football being played for the rest of the year at the very best.

As well as the supporter aspect you have the issue of player safety, do teams come in and get changed on a Rota with a maximum number allowed in? Team talks and half-time on the pitch and then the end of game. An afternoon 's football turns into a whole day.

How do you get to away games?

Loads of questions that can't be answered.

Curtis Osano
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Re: The Future of Football

Post by Adrian »

If anyone here has Sky and watches FreeSports (422) a few months ago when Italy started lockdown, they were showing live behind closed doors Serie A games, player scores goal and runs towards corner flag to celebrate in front of the empty seats - it was very weird,

I would use behind close doors as a way to finish this season but I wouldn't want to see seasons starting in that way, i wouldn't enjoy it and would rather wait until football is safe for players, staff and fans.

I hope to see some sort of grant for non league clubs, they are still part of communities and seeing them potentially shutting down would be a shame.

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Re: The Future of Football

Post by sussexdiamond »

I am hopeful of resuming at our level Sept maybe Oct. Abolish Cup comps except FA Cup and just play league matches.

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Re: The Future of Football

Post by TheIncognitoKid »

sussexdiamond wrote:
Wed May 20, 2020 10:20 pm
I am hopeful of resuming at our level Sept maybe Oct. Abolish Cup comps except FA Cup and just play league matches.
Thing is, we do rely on a good amount of prize money from cup competitions. But I would agree not to play them all. Maybe play the league cup as well as it's regionalised or the hillier cup as pre season competion.

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Re: The Future of Football

Post by Brownie »

Things must be looking bright as I see our friends at Nuneaton have announced 4 pre-season friendly’s between 11th and 28th July. Or is this just based on the same blind optimism that had them believe they were going to win the league this season/last season whatever 2019/20 is to be known as.

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