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Re: FA Discussion about next season

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I,m afraid Covid 19 is with us forever as is the bubonic Plague or its common name the Black Death, its still lurking in countries and areas with low hygiene.

The scientists first thoughts were using the herd system so that we built up our own antibodies to combat the Virus but then looked at the Figures
of deaths that would be incurred prior the population gaining the Antibodies and changed to Lock down as a control method, it works but is highly expensive and as seen countries that thought they had it controlled now having flair ups.

A vaccine will help massively but wont work for everybody some peoples immune systems are far too weak even for a mild shot of vaccine,
so we have to adapt and adjust our lives but as seen on TV around the country a lot of people think they are already immune or they are using the herd system already,let us all cuddle up on a beech and share!

Anyway now that i have depressed you i will go back into my bunker.

Keep well and stay off the Beech
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Re: FA Discussion about next season

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I have been residing on the South Coast since lock down commenced and there are plenty of BEACHES that I have visited which are far from crowded. It just seems the herd are just like sheep and flocking to the hot spots of Brighton and Bournemouth.

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Re: FA Discussion about next season

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No doubt all clubs will have to have in place procedures to detect if anyone's not well on arrival. We must remember that the vast majority of deaths have been with people who have other conditions, and footballers are (generally) very fit. It will be a personal choice for those who have existing conditions (ie use inhalers), whether they want to play or not. I had a 40 ft truck pass me on the motorway last week, he was doing 80 mph!! I saw that as a huge risk so made sure I kept well away from it.
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